Harsh Sounds for Isolated Gentle People

Gritty Forest
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Why a sample pack? With Covid-19 and quarantine going on, Noiiz (the site with samples) sent some e-mails asking people to create and share sample packs. The money would go to some Covid-19 causes (I admit that I didn't really find more specific information on that, but Noiiz said that the project is growing). I started to export samples using 16bit so everyone could use their old samplers, but Noiiz requires 24 bit and a very complex file naming. When I checked all that, the pack was ready to launch. So, here we are. I'll just upload it on Gumroad instead, sorry Noiiz.

What's in the pack? I've been breadboarding some very simple synthesizers these days. I'm learning a bit here, a bit there, and enjoying the whole process. When I breadboard a cool idea, I hook the synth on some pedals and just jam until I get tired. I noticed that this process usually gives me a lot of cool sounds to work later on when I record them, so, here I'm sharing the last jam <3.

This synth I sampled here is an idea I really want to solder into a permanent thing. Just one circuit gives me six oscillators to work with. Two of them build two different rhythms for two different groups composed of the other two oscillators (wtf? lol). After some FX things get really cool. The samples are dronish, filled with reverbs and delays. Most of them have some rhythm going on and can be looped.

# # # PACK UPDATE! I soldered another shitty synth using the same chip. Since it works kinda differently, I decided to record that. This little one has a lot of very harsh sounds on its guts and I decided to update the pack. You can download the second pack for free using the second link. If you decided to monetarily help-me and buy the pack, you will get access to both packs, of course.

Stay Safe, stay home if possible and take care of yourself and the people around you.

But it's not free! Yeah, Gumroad allows me to charge 0 dollars for something just if it has 25mb or less. So, you can download the packs for free here:

1st. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jIkWfsx3BoA2NIfhBaYZCcJ_8Ikfq6BN

2nd. https://drive.google.com/open?id=19OSxa943QmlDHHQKP6C03ea8RSOObPKb


Here are some previews:

Electrical Monk Chanting: https://clyp.it/ympuuohk

Electrical Bells 1: https://clyp.it/ukikkrd3

Drone Harmonic:https://clyp.it/kn2fu5ro

Lurking 1: https://clyp.it/bib1zk2o


Bassy Harsh 3: https://clyp.it/wdggrtdg

Dizzy 2: clyp.it/1iytrfvf

Fucked up riser: clyp.it/pcnbbns5

Harsh 2: clyp.it/3z5uusqq

Signal 2: clyp.it/oqtuwjo0

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Harsh Sounds for Isolated Gentle People

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